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Terms and Conditions

The Landowner allows the hirer to use the land (Dog Exercise Field) on Abbey Lane in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • This agreement does not create any rights over the land and the hirer accepts that the Landowner maintains control and possession of the Dog Exercise Field at all times.

  • Use of the Field shall be entirely at the hirer’s own risk. The Landowner accepts no liability for the death of, or injury to, any person/dog or for damage to any property. We also accept no liability for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs/expenses or other liability incurred by the hirer during the use of the Field.

  • The Field is to be used as an area for the hirer to train or exercise dogs and for no other purpose. Please ensure it is suitable before booking. All dogs must be healthy and have had their first vaccinations.

  • Hire cost starts at £8.50 per hour.

  • Payment of the full fee is required when booking and is non-refundable unless the hire is cancelled before 48 hours of the allotted date and time.

  • No booking will be valid without payment.

  • Payment to be made via the Home Page on this website by clicking Book Now which will direct you to a secure payment option via World Pay.

  • The padlock combination will be stated in your confirmation email.

  • During the use of, and upon leaving the Field, the hirer is to ensure the Field is left in a clean and tidy condition.

  • Please clear up after your dog, use poo bags and place in the bin provided or take it home with you.

  • Please take your toys and litter home with you.

  • Make sure you lock up securely when you leave.

  • Do not tell anyone else the padlock code or let anyone else into the field unless they know the code.

  • Please arrive and leave on time so as not to encroach on other allotted slots.

  • Please wait in your car until the previous users have put their dog/s back in their car/s.

  • Please report any problems/concerns as soon as possible by calling 07800 700659 or 07889 731674

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